2024 Hyperlite Murray Pro Packages

$429.99 $455.00

When you watch Shaun wakeboard, you always see him smiling ear to ear because first and foremost, this sport is supposed to be fun. No one over the last 30 years have lived that philosophy better than Shaun. This shows in every board he designs. From a rounded rail profile between the bindings for forgiveness when doing slides in the flats to the cupped rails and the tip and tail for maximum attack when approaching the wake, he has designed a board that will make riders at any ability level smile and fall in love with wakeboarding. To address the larger wakes of today's boats, he uses a hybrid rocker. This is based on a continuous rocker for carrying speed through the top of the wake and landing on the other side. There is a subtle 3-stage rocker blended into the tip and tail to help add just a bit more explosive pop off the top of the wake. In recent years Shaun has become a huge proponent of riding bigger boards at slower speeds compared to how we did it 10-15 years ago. If you ride behind a boat with a large wake, consider going up one size. If you ride behind a crossover style boat, I/O, or older wake boat, then stick with more traditional sizing. 



Biolite 3 CoreSubtle 3-Stage RockerVariable Edge DesignMolded Landing FeatureMinimum Swing Weight ProfileMonocoque ConstructionLayered GlassSized UP PhilosophyShaper: Greg NelsonM6 Inserts


FINS: 4 - .8” P-Wing