2021 Radar BOA Vapor K Inside-Out Glove

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By Radar

2021 VAPOR K Our best selling glove! Now boasting an Ariaprene perforated back-of-hand textile reducing weight and water retention, making it feel like you have nothing on. Grip with no hot spots thanks to inside-out construction. The Amarid palm is tackier and lends a more rigid grip on the handle.

Inside-Out Construction
Gloves = Important. They Must fit right to have correct benefit. The majority of people size them too big due to trouble getting them on and the discomfort of wearing it correctly. Problem Solved. With our Inside-Out Tech, our gloves slide on easier and all seams that were taking up space, creating discomfort, are now on the outside. A better fitting better performing glove. The stitching pulls less on itself, increasing the life of the glove. The finger panels are flat sewn, essentially making your finger bigger on the handle, giving better grip. It's all upside. The only thing we're asking ourselves now is why it took so long to do!

Radar Ski Gloves Boa Lacing Technology

VAPOR BOA® The Boa® Closure System on Vapor gloves delivers the ultimate connection between you and the handle. Transform your experience through a fast, customizable, and comfortable fit.

FAST: The Boa® Closure System lets you achieve your precise fit quickly and easily, even on the fly.

COMFORTABLE: The low-friction design of the entire Boa® Closure System delivers uniform closure without pressure points.

SECURE: Once you click to engage the Boa® Closure System, our patented reel technology and stretch-free laces will keep your fit dialed-in all day.

CUSTOMIZED: The Boa® Closure System is micro-adjustable. Each click of the Boa® Dial equates to one millimeter of tension adjustment.

DURABLE: The Boa® Closure System is constantly being tested and refined, in the lab and out in the field. We design technology to outlast the product it powers.




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Gerard Przekop
Great Gloves

Great waterski gloves at an awesome price!