2020 Radar Pro Build Vapor

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By Radar

63.5" ONLY

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2020 Radar Pro Build

Pro Build designates a PMI Core and Textreme Carbon infused with Innegra. PMI is the lightest and most responsive foam money can buy, allowing a skier to get more attainable angle out of the turn and the ability to hold it through the wakes. Textreme lets the ski flex instantly and consistently, giving the skier more speed from a wider point. Overall, the ski will feel like it is carrying constant speed from the first cut to the last turn which results in the most effortless ride we’ve found to date.

Our newest construction moves what we know about ski building into the next realm. PMI is the next generation of lightweight reactive core foam. Its current application is aircraft construction based on its ability to easily shape and thermoform. In our application, PMI is lighter, more rigid (simplifying the layup) and more reactive. The latter benefit offers more feel and forgiveness, which is something PVC lacks as a core material. PMI also displayed minimal structural fatigue after longevity cycle testing compared to PVC, which eventually broke down. There is a noticeable difference between other lightweight core skis and our new ProBuild.

• 100% Carbon laminates
• PMI core
• Textreme-Spread tow carbon laminates
• Hand crafted at Radar Lake
• Innegra-Reduced vibration
• Pro Comp Adjustable fin

Innegra is an exclusive Radar partnership, now used in Lithium Vapor to reduce vibration caused by the PVC/carbon build. It is used from the front foot forward, vastly improving energy dispersion in the tip, allowing for only the information you send the ski to affect the way it rides in the water. Say goodbye to tip chatter and vibration.

Textreme by VAPOR RADAR
Textreme® is the manufacturer of type of carbon weave called spread toe. The carbon is formed into a tape rather than a rope found in conventional carbon fabrics. The tape produced is much thinner and has more material packed in the same area. This construction gives better mechanical performance plus a 20% weight reduction and 20% strength gain. By using Textreme®, with its thin layers, the maximum strength until breakage is more than twice as high, compared to conventional carbon fabrics. Textreme® contributed to victories in Tour de France, America’s
Cup and F1 races over the past year. Our exclusive partnership with Textreme® has taken the Vapor to another level.

The Front Of The Ski
Tip is corrugated, balancing the ski and allowing the tip to be softer without removing any carbon. 

The Back Of The Ski
Flat spot is smaller, allowing tighter turns. More rocker in the front helps keep you from blowing the tail and gives you a more forgiving ski. 

The Rocker

In general terms, more rocker equals tighter turn radius. Too much rocker makes the ski a rocking chair, giving the skier nowhere to stand. The 2018 Pro Build Vapor has more rocker in the tip. 

What’s that thing on the bottom of the ski?
An edge-to-edge concave design is fastest, best off the second wake and finest for on side turning ability. We run that base from the wide spot of the ski back through the tail.  A railed base design creates lift and roll (because of the added mass) and feels great as an off side turner. It lets you roll forward on to the tip of the ski without penalty. We run this design from the wide spot forward to the tip of the ski.  The line across the bottom is simply that mass change. It’s truly the best hybrid base design, as it creates the best off side and on side turn all in one ski.

What the ski is built for chart

63.5" 336.06 SQ" 6.71" 36 MPH COURSE 85-120 LBS / 38-54 KG
65" 343.99 SQ" 6.71" 36 MPH COURSE 110-145 LBS / 49-65 KG
66" 353.67SQ" 6.82" 36 MPH COURSE 125-180 LBS / 56-81 KG
67" 365.49 SQ" 6.92" 36 MPH COURSE 160-200 LBS / 73-91 KG
68" 376.49SQ" 7.03"” 36 MPH COURSE 180-220 LBS / 82-100 KG
69.5" 393.28 SQ" 7.18" 36 MPH COURSE 200+ LBS / 90+ KG