2024 Hyperlite State Jr

$329.99 $370.00

The 2024 Hyperlite State Jr is the perfect board for establishing wake jumps. It features an asymmetrical design, which provides a shorter but effective toe-side edge, allowing riders to initiate their toe-side approach easier. Additionally, its thin molded-in fin adds less drag, providing a better release from the wake. Subtle Toe-Side Footbed Risers are also included to help apply more leverage to the edge. The board has a traditional heel-side edge allowing for a natural body position with added control.



Biolite 3 coreAbrupt Continuous RockerAsymmetrical DesignMolded In FinsMolded-In Toe Side Footbed RisersMonocoque ConstructionLayered GlassShaper: Aaron StumpfM6 Inserts


Fins: 2-Pack - .8” P-Wing