2024 Hyperlite Cryptic Packages

$389.99 $410.00

Greg Nelson knows a thing or two about wakeboard design. So when someone like Josh Twelker wants to create a go anywhere, do anything freeride board, he knows he can count on Greg to get it done. By incorporating a slightly wider profile and continuous rocker, This board holds its speed without losing that pop we all love so much.  The shape includes a subtle landing feature in the belly transitioning to dual concave tunnels exiting the tip & tail for an aggressive approach to the wake. The variable edge design is bevelled between the stance platform for a forgiving feel sharpening at tip & tail for secure edging. Twelker says the Cryptic is a free rider’s delight with effortless carving and an explosive pop off the wake. If you ride behind a boat with a large wake, consider going up one size. If you ride behind a crossover style boat, I/O, or older wake boat, then stick with more traditional sizing.


Continuous RockerBiolite 3 CoreVariable Edge DesignMinimal Swing Weight ProfileVariable Thickness ProfileMonocoque ConstructionLayered GlassSized UP PhilosophyShaper: Greg NelsonM6 Inserts


Fins: 4-Pack - .7” SS Beam