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2019 Connelly GTR

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We are excited to introduce the all-new flagship ski, the 2019 Connelly GT-R. While preserving many of the innovative components of the GT, we’ve fine tuned the GT-R to boast epic efficiency and maneuverability for the ultimate slalom weapon.
Superior performance and control at high speeds has been a staple quality in the generations of Connelly GT’s. Equipped with our V-step technology, each breed of GT has continuously pushed the future of high-end ski design with increased grip, reduced drag, and propelling speed. ​This year, our technology architects are forging a new frontier. 


Here’s how. Like the GT, the GT-R is engineered with a reduced side wall, which allows the ski to anchor through the turn for heightened stability and reduced drag. However, new to this model, the reduced side wall now extends up past the bevel at a 45º angle. This causes ski to water contact, which generates lift and reduces drag. The results? Snappier finishes and electric speed out of the buoy

Additionally, the GT-R’s sharp to round bevel transitions set the ski deeper in the water, while the long, flat rocker provides a distinct center zone for effortless balance, and like the 2018 GT - virtually eliminating tail blowouts.  Combined with our advanced technologies in the core, flex pattern and hybrid texture, the GT-R has set the standard for a whole new pedigree of high-end slalom skis.
Imagine if you had a ski that gripped through the apex for graceful, yet powerful turns and unleashed at the back of the buoy for maximum angle and acceleration into the wake. The GT-R expertly blends the traits of both low and high riding skis. 

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