Syndicate Angel Glove

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Syndicate Angel Glove

The Angel was designed with hi-end performance and comfort in mind. With a cut designed alongside the pro men's line but specifically tailored for a woman's hand shape, the Angel is the glove of choice for the aggressive female skier. The angel features pre-curved fingers and a heavy-duty Kevlar palm for durability and dependability.

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Susanne V.
Size changed

I bought a pair of these some years ago. Inside the gloves there is a tag saying size Medium, do obviously I bought the same size again. This time, the gloves are far too big, and I am certain my hands have not shrinked.

Was the sizing changed
In that case I really think customers should be notified, in case they were (still) returning customers.

Was the sizing not changed
In that case, the gloves are tagged with the wrong size.

In either case, I would like either the correct size of gloves, or a refund.

Please contact me to tell which option you choose.

Hello Susanne,
Depending on when you purchased your last pair of HO Syndicate Angel gloves, some changes might have been made to the sizing. I'm sorry that they do not fit but I can send you the size that you need. There is a sizing chart on HO's page for sizing boots, skis, and Gloves if this helps you decide what size you need. I will send it to you in a separate email for you to make sure what size you need.

Great Gloves

Another well-made glove by HO. I highly recommend!

Carl R.
Great Service

Great she loves them and she is a national competitor.