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Video Analysis Dockside - By Seth Stisher



 Seth Stisher


  • Personalized Dockside Video Feedback: ($100/session) This is the most cost efficient way to get some feedback on your skiing. You send a few video clips and any additional information you choose as outlined below in the submission instructions. Seth will shoot a 3-6 minute dockside coaching clip explaining his thoughts on what you need to work on next.

Video Analysis of your water skiing is a great alternative when you just can't set aside the time or money to get to our training center/ski school, or it works as a great follow up or precursor to your trip to train with the pros. Just shoot a video of one of your ski sets and Seth Stisher , waterski pro/coach and head of the Seth Stisher's Waterski Training Center, will send you a recorded video coaching session of instruction geared to your specific needs. He may cover both technique and technical setup in order to help you progress much faster than your buddies. We believe you can save yourself a great deal of pain and suffering by seeking out some coaching. Video analysis is an easy way to do that.

“…the idea of using video to share your comments is a great way to do it. I know it takes time on your end, but I got so much more information this way compared to writing and it has a more personal touch. Also, the YouTube method worked great. The quality of the video is much better than compressed video. I’m really glad I sent you the video and I’m sure I’ll do it again if I can’t make a personal visit to the training center. Thanks again.”

Todd Van Rysselberghe
Lake Oswego, Oregon


SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have purchased this service through, you may submit your video as a .WMV file through

1) Go to
2) Sign up for a FREE account
3) Upload your video to
4) Right click on uploaded video and get "Share Link"
5) Email the share link to us. Click here to email us.
6) Please include the following info in the email as well:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height and Weight
  • Applicable notes regarding your skiing and equipment such as experience, things you are focusing on, history with the ski, and anything you feel may help with the analysis.

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