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Reflex SuperShell 5.0 Hardshell - Complete



Introducing the Reflex SuperShell 5.0  
The SuperShell has been designed to sustain the training of the water ski athlete.  The front has been aerodynamically designed for hydrodynamic performances. The 840 release mechanism have arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms is designed more vertically to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. The 840 release is good for skiers who like to keep their rear foot big toe near of the heel of their front shell and is durable in salt and brackish waters. It features additional tension settings over the 750 Release.

The Shell Reflex SuperShell 5.0 for slalom is quality built for the water ski athlete and can be used for water skiers of any level. The binding is designed for comfort and stability and lateral connection to the ski. The shell also has a water draining system to keep the liner and binding light and to avoid water buildup.
The 840 Release
The 840 release mechanism has arms constructed of stainless steel. The shape of the release arms are designed to keep the heel strongly connected to the plate. The spring loaded tension release is set based on skier weight and style preferences.
The Buckles and Flexion Brake
Alloy buckles give the precision you desire when tightening your binding. The Flexion Brake helps to avoid overflexion of the ankle.
The Heel Cup and Double Bar
Improved for better durability to give the precise control of the ski in wake cross and turns. 
Canting Adjustment
Adjustment feature at the ankle. The canting allows to center the cuff to match the skier’s leg by having a centered cuff according to your unique Anatomy. This gives us more comfort, more balance and more engagement.
-Top strap for a secure feeling
-Heel Stabilizer Cup
-Canting adjustment
-UV resistance
-Rear Stopper
-Flexion Brake
-Alloy Buckles
-Binding Draining System
-Carbon Plate
-840 Release
-New Double Stainless Toe Loop

We send Intuition Liners when you purchase a liner with a Reflex System, feel the comfort and performance of an Intuition Liner! 

What does h2oProShop have to say?
One of the first hardshell waterski boot and binding companies to hit the scene back in the 90's under the name Ski Tecnic. Reflex has new life and lots of R&D have gone into the design of this system. This system is our top binding seller at the shop. The SuperShell 5 comes in a carbon plate option only.

REFLEX SIZE CHART: Place your foot against a wall and measure out to the furthest point. We usually recommend sizing up if directly in between sizes, let us know in comments during checkout if this is the case with you, as we usually recommend the smaller liner when you are in between sizes.

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