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Phase 5

Phase 5 Oogle

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Every OOGLE board comes in a variety of custom hand painted graphics and colors.

The 2020 Oogle has a forgiving smooth ride and is the best training board to learn wakesurfing on. The outline of the Oogle mimics that of a classic surf style longboard with its full round nose and long straight rail line. It has generous rocker up front to help overcome the common nose dive issue every beginner encounters. The Oogle was designed to be very stable allowing beginners to focus on the very basics of wakesurfing, yet it also has a fun lively ride experience riders will appreciate. It’s 3/4” foam core provides a floaty and stable platform with a single fin setup loaded with a 2” fin.

Oogle Beginner Training Surf Wake Board

Key Features
•Designed for adult beginners
•Ultra stable; encourages board control skill
•Diamond Groove EVA Traction With Arch Support
•Preferred by top surf schools for beginners

Model Size Specs. Volume Ht. Range Wt. Limit
Oogle 58"×20.75" ×.75" 12 L 5’8″-6’5″ 210 Lbs.

*Rider size suggested is for average fitness and ability. Experienced riders may prefer smaller size and beginners may require a larger size.

Build MaterialComposilite™ E-Glass Wrap

Fin SetupSingle (1 fin)

TractionStandard Skim


Oogle Training Board Construction

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