Masterline Shock Tube - 2' or 4'


The Masterline Water Ski Rope Shock Tube provides protection from rope recoil for the driver and passengers in the boat. The 2 or 4 foot long section of foam tubing wrapped in a nylon encasing, stops the first two or four feet of rope from recoiling around the driver or passengers neck or appendages and helps keep extra rope out of their lap during a fall where the skier has loaded the rope excessively. It can't hurt to take extra precautions when your skiing and with this shock tube, you will look cool at the same time.

It is important to note that no product can completely stop the recoil of rope from a fallen skier who has overloaded the line. There is always a certain degree of risk associated with towing a skier who can potentially overload the tow rope and cause recoil of both the rope and the handle. Also, this shock tube will not prevent the handle from recoiling into the boat in extreme cases.