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Masterline Quantum Dynamic Trick Ski




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Stiffer, lighter and and designed for more aggressive edging and easier lift. This ski is a carbon fiber layup for a stiff, light and very stong ski. The core is a very light PVC foam. The wider forebody allows for more surface area on toe tricks and flips. The narrow tip and tail shape allows for the ski to feel like a smaller ski for body overs and spins and will allow you to "load" the ski better. The flat spot adds stability, but the more aggressive rocker gives you better lift. The slight concave bottom allows the ski to ride a little lighter while flat, but track like its on rails.

Details: • Carbon Fiber Layup • Ultra-light PVC foam core • Inserts for both front and rear bindings • 8 front binding inserts for more adjustability • 8 for the rear plate for a solid hold and forward and aft adjustability • Fine tuned edges • 3 stage rocker, 1.15" Rocker • Long "sweet spot" • New tip and tail shape • Wider forebody • Molded full length grooves • Concave bottom

* This ski's rear hole pattern only accepts Quantum's wider plate rear binding. Be sure to order the rear plate with your ski. Quantum Dynamic Rear Plate Note: Ski is designed to be used with our unique rear trick plate. Warranty is voided if any other plate is used. Our plate matches the hole pattern. Ski is not designed to be drilled into for binding mounting.

*Please contact us regarding the wait time for receiving you trick ski before ordering! Thanks!

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