In Tow Slalom Mainline

By In Tow

IN TOW slalom mainlines have been used in many record tournaments both in the United States and internationally. Each slalom mainline is custom made and is guaranteed to be tournament level accurate. All slalom mainlines are small loop knotless design spliced together using a special 3/8" polypropylene rope to alleviate twist.

What does H2O have to say?
The In-Tow Ropes and Handles are our personal favorite at the shop. All made from one person, Brenda, made in the USA, the ropes are a quality that is unmatched.

Slalom mainline is custom made using Brenda's small loop knotless design spliced together at each color change for tournament accuracy and ease of shortening the rope on tournament inboard boats. The 3/8" UV protected polypropylene rope alleviates twist and provides skiers with a high performance slalom mainline that gives skiers a strong pull while maintaining its elasticity.