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2021 Connelly Women's Aspect

$329.99 $430.00


High end features seen on the V are also present on the Aspect. Sharp bevels create quick turns, a wider body sits the ski higher up on the water, and V-tech on the bottom gives the ski less drag. Maneuverability of this ski is excellent, it's a responsive and high performing ski that everyone can enjoy out on the lake! Connelly made the Aspect so you wouldn’t have to sacrifice fun while skiing at slower speeds.
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V-Tech is a step base technology that regulates the flow of water along the base of the ski. V-shaped steps run through the tunnel releasing water from the base in these key spots. This decreases the wetted surface area increasing efficient water flow from the front bindings to the fin. The end result is a more maneuverable ski with less drag.
You don’t have to work as hard to enjoy the fast, responsive performance of the Aspect. 

• C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
• Fiberglass wrap
• V-Tech (Step Base Technology)
• Closed cell polyurethane resin core
• Polished speed base

• Double Tempest
• Tempest with Lace Adjustable Rear Toe Plate
• Double Shadow
• Shadow with Lace Adjustable Rear Toe Plate
• Swerve with RTS

• Aluminum drop through fin with foil


Connelly Ski Length Chart Mens, to Weight
What does h2oProShop have to say?
Everything you want out of a higher end ski, for slower boat speeds. Good for 26-32mph, you'll be able to get up behind the boat and ski at a slower speed than you're used to. Awesome for open-water and people who really want to enjoy skiing while pushing the limits!

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