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LACE ADJUSTABLE RTP perfectly complements the Tempest and Shadow front bindings. A Lycra lined floating toe accommodates a wide range of foot sizes and the soft EVA footbed is shaped for outstanding grip and comfort. Slide your foot in, tighten the lace and you are ready to ski.
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Connelly Lace Adjustable RTP

H2O has been excellent to deal with, I've recently bought a Connelly Stoker front binding and a Pivot rear plate from them. I purchased a Connelly Concept ski (from a different supplier in 2021) which came with the Tempest binding and lace adjustable RTP back plate. I find the lace mechanism doesn't stay tight and loosens off while skiing on the front binding (roughly 6 skis in I noticed this) and the rear plate has an inner cushioned fabric that folds over when you put your foot in (from day 1), which is very uncomfortable and doesn't allow your foot to go in all the way. I tried adjusting several times but still the same result. The ski is great so I've decided to go back to the more traditional style binding and plate with the Stoker and neoprene plate. The 1 star is for the RTP back plate only, H2O is a 5 star. I hope you find this helpful. Kindest regards.

John B.
Connelly purchase review

I had a great experience with H2O pro job and I would buy from them again! They had great communication with me and reasonable prices. Thank you.

Morten H.
Connelly Lace Adjustable RTP - Men's and Women's

Works very well. Both my daughter and I are happy with the RTP.