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Connelly DV8

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Introducing, a flagship ski brand new for 2021, the DV8. Featuring patent pending VersaTail technology, this is the most customizable ski ever. Welcome to a new dimension in fine tuning.

Throughout the years, brands have been on a quest to create a ski that checks all the boxes. Yet because skiers have varying styles and skill sets, the one-shape-fits-all approach doesn’t always pan out for everyone.
While considerable masterminding is put into the overall construction of a high-end slalom ski — the sidecut, rocker, bevels, etc — many people don’t realize how large a part the last few inches of the tail play. A change in tail geometry can mean the difference in a ski performing in perfect rhythm with your personal style.
The different tail blocks and the effect are explained below; all blocks ship with the ski and are easily interchangeable!

Square Tail Block: Incredibly sharp finish, water doesn't wrap around the ski, shoots clean off and reduces drag. Very little drag helps you get across the wake, power through and across from buoy to buoy.
Rounded Tail Block: Water wraps up from the bottom and also around the sides of itself with this tail block. Creates incredibly aggressive turns. Tight rotation around the ball, very little preturn? No problem. With less sidewall than the square tail edge, the ski will ride deeper and keep the tip out of the water during quick rotations.
 Stock Tail Block:  The happy medium, if you liked the GTR you'll love this tail block.
Our patent pending VersaTail technology offers the ability to fine tune the flow of water off the tail of the ski, taking a step beyond the standard fin and binding position adjustments. Skiers can choose from one of three tails, which are all included with the DV8.
With the DV8 and VersaTail, you choose how your ski rides and reacts.

-The DV8 has an increased rocker line, predominantly in the tail, allowing it to move from one edge out to the other much easier.
-We have gone with a more subtle top shape, particularly in the tip, to add support and control out of the turn. This creates a more balanced system, working together with the softer flex pattern and increased tail rocker.


65" / 165 cm, ≤ 140 lbs, 28 3/8"
66" / 168 cm, 140 - 160 lbs, 28 7/8"
67" / 170 cm, 160 - 180 lbs, 29 3/8"
68" / 173 cm, ​≥ 180 lbs, ​29 7/8"

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