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About BullsEye Boat Sight™

 BullsEye Boat Sight™ Is designed to assist the driver in maintaining a "low deviation off center" boat path for slalom. Most people agree that this is paramount for 35 off and shorter but make no mistake about it; being centered is vitally important for beginner skiers at 15 off up to 32 off as well. I have personally witnessed how off center driving hurts those skiers performances at the longer lengths and that their personal bests come only with a good boat path. BullsEye Boat Sight™ not only contributes to your personal bests but can reduce/prevent injuries resulting from the boat being in the wrong place when you are in the right place. One more benefit of BullsEye Boat Sight™ is in approving a World Record. The video review must reveal that the boat was centered within tolerance for the record to stand. Too many records have been denied over the boat being off center too much. BullsEye can help! Many Pro Drivers focus on a straight path but video reveals that they struggle most with keeping the pylon in the middle. BullsEye undisputably will show the driver exactly where center is between the boat guides so he/she will know what correction and how much is needed.

Does your driver need a better boat path? Good boat path = Better slalom buoy scores!

The list is long of novice up through Open Men and Women that have BullsEye Boat Sight™ on their bow.The pressure on drivers to get centered is increasing with all the video Splash Eye Systems watching their every move like never before.

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