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Connelly V

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The V slalom ski uses a wide fore-body, sharp bevel design with a revolutionary base technology for a ride unlike anything else. Sharp bevels set the ski higher in the water providing support and forgiveness on aggressive turns. V-Tech is our step base technology that regulates the flow of water along the base of the ski, adding maneuverability while reducing drag. Six V-shaped steps run through the tunnel of the ski increasing efficient water flow from your front bindings to the fin. The flex pattern is dialed to be very forgiving while maintaining high-performance.

Package: This package is a great setup for an intermediate skier, moving to advanced, ready to take on a shorter ski line and carving harder. The ski will come set up for you. 

Ski Construction:
Provides a great looking top and graphics and a layer of UV protection, increasing the water skis longevity.
The reinforcing fibers used in the water ski provide the strength and flex required to get you down the lake, whether you are just cruising or shredding buoys in a slalom course. We use different types, amounts and orientations of carbon and/or fiberglass depending on the skis intended use. Our high performance skis use carbon to provide the precision, control and explosive acceleration demanded by the high end skier. Our recreational skis use fiberglass for a more forgiving, less demanding ride, for those just looking to get out there and have a good time.
At the heart of the ski is the core. Our upper end skis use a lightweight PVC core to provide the ultimate in weight reduction and resilience. Our recreational skis use polyurethane cores, in different densities depending on desired performance, to provide a stable and durable foundation for the ski.
Not only does the base hold the graphic layer and provide UV protection, it also provides a specific texture to help the ski perform at its best on the water at its intended level, reducing drag and directing flow where it needs to go.

CONSTRUCTION • Closed cell polyurethane resin core • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology) • Fiberglass wrap • V-Tech (Step Base Technology) • Polished speed base SIZES • 65” / 165 cm, 67” / 170 cm, 69” / 175 cm


V Tech Logo Connelly - black
V-Tech is a step base technology that regulates the flow of water along the base of the ski. V-shaped steps run through the tunnel releasing water from the base in these key spots. This decreases the wetted surface area increasing efficient water flow from the front bindings to the fin. The end result is a more maneuverable ski with less drag.
Our shapes are designed to be the perfect platform for your style of skiing. Our top end skis are designed for maximum performance at higher speeds.
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TEMPEST Binding:
A high cut wrap and an independent liner provide comfort and support to keep your feet happy, giving you more time behind the boat. Dual lace zones let you customize fit over the top of your foot and around your ankle.
The SYNC Binding:
Patent pending Free Flex technology has erased the restrictions traditional baseplates put on a ski. Each boot is set in a supportive yet flexible Exolast and is mounted with our Dual Plate design. Where solid metal baseplates create dead spots, Sync boots allow your ski to flex and move as it was intended. Through the middle of a turn the Exolast support flexes with the ski ever so slightly, unnoticeable in the boot but very noticeable in the reaction of your ski. The seamless outer shell is set with a removable liner and the dual lace system pulls your foot back into the ergonomically shaped heel pocket. There has never been a better connection between you and your ski.

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