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10.75m Youth 8mm Tournament Slalom Water Ski Line (designed for B2 & G2 skiers)


Detailed Description:

All of our water ski ropes are handmade in the USA with the highest-quality PolyproMAX yarn. As skiers progress or grow out of our 12m 5mm Youth rope, they graduate into our lighter weight 8mm slalom rope designed for G2, B2 & Women 6 and above divisions. This rope is a mid rope for skiers not quite large enough to handle the full 10mm slalom rope. The weight of the 10mm rope can be too much for the smaller skier, pulling them off edge and sagging in the water at longer line lengths.


Each rope is hand braided and pre-stretched to ensure maximum performance. Please allow approximately 1 week for production for this reason.


  • Looped Construction
  • Shortenings through 10.75m (39.5' off)
  • Lightweight 8mm PolyproMAX Rope
  • Handmade in USA

This rope is primarily designed for the lightweight skier that is starting to run deeper shortline or is feeling the lighter weight rope is too stretchy. This is a good step up rope from the light weight rope without going to the full size 10mm rope.

Rule addendum to AWSA Rulebook as released on USAWS website 06/07/2011:

There was an omission in the 2011 AWSA Rulebook regarding towlines for Girls 2, Women 6 and above. The following addendum applies to the 2011 AWSA Rulebook.

8.04 Towlines The Tournament Committee shall furnish towlines constructed as in 8.04(c) below with the lines and handles meeting the following specifications:

(a) Weight per foot, maximum = 23 g/m (.250 oz.)

Breaking Load, minimum = 817 kg (1,800 lbs.)

Elongation at 115 kg (250 lbs.) tensile load, 2.6% - 0.4%

The gauge length shall be set at 5.5 kg (12 lbs.) tensile load

Optional: Junior Towlines for B1, G1, G2, W6 and above only

Weight per foot, maximum = 23g/m (.250 oz.)

Breaking Load, minimum = 454 kg (1,000 lbs.)

Elongation at 115 kg (250 lbs.) tensile load, 4.0% - 0.5%

The gauge length shall be set at 5.5 kg (12 lbs.) tensile load.

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