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Joel is from Brisbane, Australia and currently holds the Australian record. He tied for 4th place at the 2014 US open. He is a coach at Coble's ski school and has been featured a number of times in waterski mag.



Seth Stisher

Seth Stisher 

  • Children: One daughter, Madalyn, born in 2003, and one son, Landon, born in 2008
  • Hometown: Grew up in Arab, Alabama and skied through his youth on Guntersville Lake in Guntersville, Alabama but living in Charleston, South Carolina since 1998
  • Education: Graduated from The University of Alabama in 1998 with a BS in Secondary Education and skied for the University of Alabama Water Ski Team where the team had both a 2nd and 3rd place finish during his years. Seth was also the National Collegiate Slalom Champion while skiing at Alabama.


Igor Morozov

Igor Morozov
Igor is a professional water ski flyer and a world class coach.

Titles held: multiple time World Cup medalist, European championship medalist, Scandinavian champion, Danish champion, Russian Record holder and 14 times Russian champion in jump, slalom and overall. As a coach Igor has a great experience and a lot of knowledge to share. He has traveled and coached all over the world. Some of his students include members of national teams of Denmark, Russia, Norway, and Sweden. He wishes to pass his skills to you with clinics and lessons.

Skiing since: 5 years old Igor has traveled with his parents since he was 1 year old. He had his first snow-trip at age 3 and had his first waterski set at age 5. These early experiences has shaped Igor's lifestyle and interests ever since. Igor is also educated engineer with a PhD in Technical Science from Moscow State University of Instrumental Engineering and Computer Science (MSUIECS) and he dedicated his life to a professional sport. Igor's hobby is all about snow and water! He used to be a pro snowboarder for team Moscow and therefore uses a lot of the winter period to hunt for good powder or to work as a certified coach for snowboard and ski instructors. For Cable riding, Igor loves his wake skis and he is a team rider for the wake ski inventing company Stereo Skis. And if there is a chance to go surfing - it's always a big YES! -Age 30 years old -Home Ski Site Vallensbaek Waterski Club, Denmark -Sponsors CTi, Lethal, H2Oproshop, M2sports, Stereo Wakeskis

Chelsea Mills

Chelsea Mills
Chelsea lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and trains at Little Mountain Ski Club. Chelsea picked up tournament water skiing at the age of 25 and has become addicted to the adrenaline rush in slalom. While water skiing is Chelsea’s competitive passion, she has been a very competitive tennis player in the past and continues that part of her life in her career as a tennis coach. Chelsea is also very passionate about fitness and nutrition, and is a BeachBody Coach selling fitness and nutrition products. Chelsea is excited to be part of the Team!


  • US National Ranking - Women 2 #1
  • US National Ranking - Open Women #13
  • IWWF World Ranking - Open Women #43 (2 points from top 20)
  • Lady Big Dawg Finals 2014 - 2nd Place
  • Women 2 National Champion 2013
  • Southern Regional Champion 2013, 2014
  • Southern Region Record Holder - Women 2
  • NC State Champion 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Personal Best Performance: 3 @ 38 off


    Jessie Dobbertin

    Jessie Dobbertin
  • NYS Record Holder in slalom for G3 and W1
  • Eastern Regional Record Holder in slalom for W1 and 2014 Eastern Region Champion
  • Colligate Nationals 2014- 2nd
  • Colligate All-stars 2014- 2nd
  • USA Nationals- 4th 2014, 3rd 2013
  • Jessie is attending grad school for social work in the fall at UCF in Orlando and will be training with the FSC ski team as the assistant coach.




    Krista Rogers

    Krista Rogers
    krista rogers is an amateur skier that is from california.

    Corey Humburg

    Corey Humburg
    Age: 26 Skiing Since: Age 3

    Ski Site: Bum Pass Water Ski Club (Peace, Love & Waterskiing Headquarters)

    Sponsors: Centurion, D3, h2oProShop, Optic Nerve Sunglasses, US Gear

    Titles: "The guy who wears the sock."


    Corey is really a collection of paradoxes: athelete and scholar; hippie and business owner; health-nut and partier; adrenaline junkie, yet laid-back. His ski career has also had two vastly different sides. Corey skied most of his life on the rough, public water of Lake Gaston, but now gets to train on the sweet conditions of the Bum Pass Water Ski Club.

    Corey does embody consistency, too. He is always energetic and optimistic, and he never waivers when it comes to his passions. Aside from skiing, those include triathlons, fitness, nutrition, the Redskins, philosophy, tennis, writing, good conversation, hiking, music, great beer, peanut butter and jelly (from the jar), camping, mind expansion, reading, meaningful life experiences, friends and family.

    Corey believes in the power of Peace, Love & Waterskiing and uses that power to fuel his ski school and pro career.

    Makayla Haw

    Makayla Haw
    Age: 18

    Skiing since: 4

    Home Ski Site: Bell Acqua: Lake 2

    Sponsors: H2O Proshop, Goode waterskis, Neuro Drinks, New City, Mandawaka

    Titles held: 3 Time Jr Moomba Slalom Champ, 2012 Jr Moomba jump champ, Jr Masters Slalom Champ, 2 Time Jr US Open Slalom champ and overall, Jr US Open jump champ, Girls 2&3 US National Record Holder, 2 Time slalom, jump, and overall champ

    Makayla Haw loves to have great time and is a fun, outgoing person. She loves being able to travel the world doing the sport she loves. The people she surrounds herself with are the ones that motivate her and want her to strive to be the best she can be. She tries to always put a smile on someone's face and tries to keep a balanced life, finishing high school, being a top athlete and also having a social life and doing the hobbies that she enjoys, like the beach when she gets the chance to go. She loves meeting new people and skiing with new people. To contact her: Email (, Facebook (Makayla Haw), Twitter/Instagram (@makaylahaw)


    Tom Brantley

    Tom Brantley
    Age: 32

    Skiing since: 4, competing since 20

    Current site: Pecos river and DFW Ski School

    Sponsored by: H2oProshop, DFW Ski School, family

    Titles held: Four time regional champion and a national champion

    Tom Brantley is a farmer and rancher from Carlsbad, New Mexico. Tom has been married to his wife Charla for almost ten years. They have three daughters: Hannah, Briley and Brinley. Tom spends most of his summer free skiing with his dad and daughters. They rest of the time he travels to Dallas TX to ski at DFW ski school. Tom enjoys every time he is on the water competing against all of the top pros from around the world. He never takes for granted the opportunity to go ski with his family and his competitors.

    Jaret Bull

    Jaret Bull
    Age: 17

    Skiing Since: 2 (being pulled by dad on the beach)

    Home Site: Trout Lake in North Bay Ontario, Canada

    Sponsors: HO Skis, Fluid Motion Boots, Intuition Liners, H2O Proshop, Apple Auto Glass, Nella Food Equiptment, Dollar’s Independent, Knox Insurance, Kenalex, KPMG and North Bay Toyota

    Jaret is a young northerner who loves to rip. Hailing from North Bay Ontario, Canada, he has a short season so when spring arrives he makes the most of his time on the water. When he isn’t waterskiing, Jaret enjoys the outdoors by means of mountain bike or snow skis. While having fun at anything he is doing, Jaret is a focused athlete who takes his training very seriously on and off the water. He is dedicated to the sport he loves and is very proud to be representing H2O Proshop this season.

    Contact info: Website:

    Zane Nicholson





    Marc Shaw

    Marc Shaw
    Personal Bests: Slalom: 2 @ 41 (10.25m) Jump: 210’ (63.9m) Trick: 7090

    Sponsors: H2OProShop, Goode Skis


    2011: 7th Big Dawg Slalom Finals, 3rd Katy Ski Jam MM Slalom

    35+ World Ranking List October: Slalom 12th, Tricks 10th, Jump 2nd, Overall 2nd

    2010: 3rd Big Dawg Slalom Finals. Pan American Championships Golds in Slalom, Tricks, Jump, Overall & Team and set a new Pan American Jump Record. Sr. World Championships Silver in Jump and Overall, 4th in Slalom & Tricks. 9th King of Darkness Jump 35+ World Ranking List October: Slalom 9th, Tricks 9th, Jump 1st, Overall 2nd

    2009: 2nd Big Dawg Slalom Finals US National Championships Gold in MM Tricks, Jump & Overall. Moomba Masters 12th in Jump 35+ World Ranking List October: Slalom 15th, Tricks 10th, Jump 1st, Overall 1st

    2008: Sr World Championships Gold in Jump, Silver in Overall, Bronze in Slalom & 4th in Tricks. Pan American Championships Golds in Slalom, Tricks, Jump, Overall & Team and set a new Pan American Jump Record. US National Championships Gold in M3 Tricks & Overall, Silver in Jump, 4th in Slalom



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