2023 Connelly Big Easy 67"

$149.99 $299.99


In 1997 Connelly introduced a ski intended to make water skiing easier for everyone. Now Connelly have decided to revive one of the finer inventions of the 90’s, the revolutionary Big Easy. Why waste energy getting out of the water? On the Big Easy you can pop right up and ski all day long. The massive 635 sq in platform and consistent width throughout the ski offers exceptional stability.

  • The original “Big Guy” ski made in the U.S.A.
  • Closed cell polyurethane resin core
  • Recreational glass flex sequence
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Standard Tunnel
  • Acrylam base
  • Aluminum drop through fin

Skier's Weight:

  • Over 200lbs

*Blank Ski Only*

*******Notes from H2OProshop*********

This ski is wide, easy and fun to play on.  If you are teaching someone to get up out of the water on one ski or just looking for some fun outside of the course, this ski will be one to keep on the boat.  We would say that it is comparable to the HO's Hovercraft.  Don't need to go fast to enjoy this fun ski.