2021 HO Fusion Freeride

$199.99 $399.99

65" ONLY

Closeout Item

Lean back, Relax, and enjoy the ride! We all can agree there is nothing quite like the feelings you endure while behind a boat. The Fusion Freeride provides those incredible feelings while demanding little effort on your part. This ski is perfect for an all day comfortable cruise or an aggressive fast ride crossing back and forth behind the boat! The Freeride can perform behind anything, Jet-ski, Pontoon, Speedboat, on any body of water!

For locked in support, the Front and Rear FreeMax Bindings

For an adjustable, one size fits all rear option, the FreeMax Adjustable Rear Toe

  • Freeride Width
  • Spoon Tip
  • Hybrid Edge Design
  • Asher Balance Fin
  • Switchblade Fin System