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2021 Connelly Carbon V



This high-end tournament ski is a crowd-favorite! One of our best sellers and most high-performance forgiving ski out there!
The same forgiving fore-body and bevel design of the V paired with a light and snappy carbon layup makes the Carbon V the best 34 mph tournament level slalom ski on the market. The skelecore process cuts holes in the ski to reduce the mass of the core allowing it to react and accelerate quicker. The Carbon V utilizes our latest core technology to push the performance of the ski to the next level.  The same forgiving fore-body and bevel design of the V paired with a light and snappy 50/50 carbon/glass layup create a perfect balance for running the course or carving open water.

V tech carbon v
Ski Construction:
Provides a great looking top and graphics and a layer of UV protection, increasing the water skis longevity.
The reinforcing fibers used in the water ski provide the strength and flex required to get you down the lake, whether you are just cruising or shredding buoys in a slalom course. We use different types, amounts and orientations of carbon and/or fiberglass depending on the skis intended use. Our high performance skis use carbon to provide the precision, control and explosive acceleration demanded by the high end skier. Our recreational skis use fiberglass for a more forgiving, less demanding ride, for those just looking to get out there and have a good time.
Not only does the base hold the graphic layer and provide UV protection, it also provides a specific texture to help the ski perform at its best on the water at its intended level, reducing drag and directing flow where it needs to go.

• Skelecore technology
• 50/50 carbon/fiberglass layup
• C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
• Polished speed base
• V-Tech
• Wide tunnel
• Variable bevel

• 65” / 165 cm, 67” / 170 cm, 69” / 175 cm

• Double Sync Binding
• Sync Front Binding with Sync Rear Toe Plate
• Double Tempest
• Tempest with Lace Adjusting Rear Toe Plate
• Viper 2 Fin System with aluminum foil
• Length - 6.782”
• Depth - 2.434”
• DFT - .814”


Connelly Ski Length Chart to Weight

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