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After a year of development, the new “Vortex” in line rope release is available for purchase. We believe that this release is the safest, best built product on the market today. The housing is made from machined aluminum to keep it fairly light, and portable. The release arm, pivot pin, spacers, and tension washers are all made from machined stainless steel, and will never wear out. The unit is adaptable to any size tow pylon head. What makes the “Vortex” release unique, is that the mainline and opposing release tether, are both in line with the skier.

The release arm is a specific length which results in less effort for the release person to hold against the pull of the skier, regardless of their weight/strength. When the tether is either purposely released by the observer, or it is pulled from the observers hand on a hard/quick fall, the tension/resistance on the mainline is immediately eliminated so that the skier will not experience a hard pull.

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